M&S Make it Matter

During National Volunteers Week…

Ormskirk Marks & Spencer joined others in their company by volunteering in their local communities as part of the #Spenditwell campaign.

Why are you passionate about volunteering?

``Volunteering can make a profound difference to the communities in which we live, work and play – we believe that lots of the small actions from lots of people, can collectively have a huge impact.``

Andrea Smith
Store Manager

M&S Ormskirk have been working with the Birchwood Centre in Skelmersdale for the last 12 months. They have been amazed at the work they do in our community and so, during National Volunteers week, 12 M&S Ormskirk staff rolled up their sleeves to support them in serving food at two of the community centre locations.

Store Manager, Andrea said “It has been rewarding to see what happens to the waste food we donate once it leaves the store. Birchwood are extremely passionate about reducing food waste and using excess food to create healthy, affordable meals for the local community. They also create opportunities for volunteering and build strong links with the area.
We’re really excited about their new mobile pop up cafe, which we have helped with, therefore enabling Birchwood to take the Junk Food Cafe on the road “

“We have been working with M&S Ormskirk as part of their food waste programme. We are delighted that M&S staff have been volunteering at the cafe. It is a great opportunity for them to see what happens to the food once it leaves the store and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes from our committed volunteers to make it all happen. It has been a pleasure working with M&S on the ‘pop up cafe’ and we want to thank them for their continued help and support.”
Paula Kearns
Community Development Worker at Birchwood

Make it Matter is part of the recently launched M&S campaign ‘#SpenditWell’. The campaign is about inspiring people to make every moment special by focusing on the things that really matter in life.

Keep up to date with the Birchwood Centre on their Facebook page: facebook.com/birchwood.centre.9
with thanks to M&S Simply Food, 19-21 Aughton St, Ormskirk, 01695 574278
The opening of Birchwood Centre's Junk Food Cafe
Ormskirk M&S staff volunteering at the Birchwood Centre in Skelmersdale
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