Listen to the stories of local women who had active roles during the First World War, such as those who served abroad as nursing and army auxiliaries demonstrating their contribution to the war effort, and their bravery. Hear about women such as, Ellen Preece, who was killed working in a munitions factory, Suffragist Harriet Mahood, who was a West Lancashire resident and the Hutton sisters, who as well as being the daughters of the of the Ormskirk Advertiser’s editor also played important roles in the war both home and abroad.

Friday 12th October: Harriett Mahood and the local suffragette movement

Friday 9th November: Ellen Preece and the munitions factories in West Lancashire

Friday 23rd November: Lady Alice Maud Bootle-Wilbraham, Muriel Hutton talking about nursing in West Lancashire

Friday 11th January: Life on the Home Front in West Lancashire