The Devils Wall is a theatrical experience in the heart of Ormskirk town, devised and performed by Wives’ Tales Theatre Company. With participation from the local community and Edge Hill University students,

Wives’ Tales’ co-director Alice Lapworth, will bring an old fable about a Tailor, his wife – a baker – and the devil to life. This performance is about time, identity and love. The Devil is never still, not one performer but a whole shoal of performers bringing this mythical creature to life. There are two conditions to the Tailor’s contract with the Devil, which, if fulfilled, mean his soul will be the Mighty One’s until the end of time.

Starting at the end of Moor Street a parade of performers brings the audience to Ormskirk clock tower. In front of the clock tower is the performer’s stage and the audience gather around to watch this Ormskirk inspired tale unfold.