The 80’s is back…

Shellsuits, shoulder pads and big hair are making a comeback this month, as part of a new gritty crime drama.

New dark comedy thriller Blackbird are filming in Ormskirk, Lancashire on Tuesday February 18. Organised by a group of local and ambitious film-makers called ‘Some Guys With A Camera’. This particular production is being shot by Matthew Reynolds, Conor O’Neill and John Reynolds.

Whilst some scenes have been filmed in nearby Liverpool, Ormskirk was chosen for it’s nostalgic feel. Asked why they chose to shoot it here director and producer, Matthew Reynolds, said

“The town still has a very nostalgic feel of the time period that most other locations would have lacked.
Furthermore, the owners of the locations have been very welcoming. if we’d have filmed in a big city, there’d have likely not been such a level of support for local creativity!”

The story follows a teenage girl called Mary-Kate, played by Phoebe Riding, from Rufford, who finds herself at the bottom of society. Set in 1985 , she is unemployed, her long-term boyfriend has left, and she is an alcoholic. In an attempt to work her way back up, she turns to burglary and petty theft.

In addition to the shoot, the crew are looking for some adult extras to give their best performance in assisting with some of the scenes being shot locally.
The first scene will be filmed at The Cricketers pub, where Mary-Kate first tries out burglary by robbing and conning locals.
The second scene is an upper-class ballroom party scene, whilst the stories location is London, this will be filmed at Ormskirk’s Civic Hall.

Further supporting the production is the wonderful local vintage shop ASAP Vintage Clothing, which can be found on Burscough Street. Owner, Debbie Williams, will be assisting with the styling of extras.

“We provide ’70s, ’80s and ’90s clothing in our shop, so we are the perfect people to help.
It’s not just about providing clothes and re-creating looks, it’s very much about styling people unique to them – almost like a personal shopper. Not everyone shops in vintage shops, so it can be tricky for some, so we are excited to help!”

Some Guys With A Camera have had their work viewed thousands of times online over the past two years, and their last short film, Noel, was screened in Ormskirk’s Chapel Gallery as well as the Plaza Cinema, in Waterloo.

Find out more about the production on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re interested in registering your location for filming opportunities check out our pages on filming to register your location.

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