England is a country steeped in filmmaking history. Its wealth of diverse locations are represented on Creative England’s database of over 10,000 filming locations across England, which is completely free to use.

England’s filming locations have never been in greater demand. In 2018 over 1000 on location productions were supported, outside of Greater London, by Creative England.

Your property could be just what filmmakers are looking for, whether it’s a country pub or a medieval castle, modern office or manor house. Whether is pretty, grungy, has features that make it unique, or is positively ‘normal’.

If your property is based in the English regions, outside of Greater London, then you can register on the free database. Before registering please have a read of the filming location hints and tips and take some good quality photographs of your property.

Filming Location

Hints & Tips

The images of your property are the most important element of the registration process. Creative England will not approve registrations without images.

Show an accurate representation of your property. Do not try to disguise what you believe to be the less appealing details.

For example 
if you live in a rustic 19th century cottage, but you have a busy main road adjoining, please include a photograph, it could prove ideal.

As a minimum it is important that you take photographs of:

  • the front and rear elevation of your property,
  • the interior and exterior entrances,
  • the main reception rooms,
  • hallway,
  • stairs and kitchen

Try to include photos taken from all angles so people get a good feel for the location. Do not worry if you are not a professional photographer, simple snapshots are fine.

As a general rule, try to take photos that show your house as a ‘blank canvas’ and do not feature any people or pets. Try not to upload more than 50 images.